Masonry Contractors in Mount Prospect | Topline Tuckpointing

 Happy homeowners have been using the skilled services of Topline Masonry Contractors in Mount Prospect for all their masonry installations, repairs, and tuckpointing needs for many years. Our reputation has not only been built up by our precise and careful work, but also by our outstanding customer service.  Failing mortar can cause leaking and, in turn, cause structural damage. It takes an experienced eye to repair and match existing masonry work. This is called tuckpointing, and a specialist is needed for this sort of work. Luckily, Topline’s team comes with extensive experience and is full of information and ideas on preserving your building for future decades. Upon inspection, we can give you an idea of what it will take to make your structure safe, dry, and attractive for many years to come. We offer reasonable rates for professional work. Call us today.