The Benefits of Frameless Shower Doors in Chicago

Frameless Shower Doors Are Customized

Because most frameless shower doors are custom made, you have can choose from the number of available options on the configuration you want. That’s something that you can’t get from a mass-produced product built with standard sizes in mind. So you have much more flexibility with your shower door installation. In fact, customization is one of the key features that many people consider when purchasing a frameless shower door. The most important aspects of a frameless shower are precise measurements and a professional shower door installation.


Frameless Glass Shower Doors Provide a Clean Sharp Look

Conventional shower doors tend to look bulky as the edges have frames to hold the glass in place and the railings are quite noticeable. On the other hand, frameless shower doors are set in place with small brackets and clear caulking, for a seamless look that opens up space. It's a beautiful solution that displays the shower through just glass without bulky hardware to get in the way.

Frameless Shower Doors Reduce the Risk of Mold

Because there are no metal or rubber joints or any tracks for water to settle into for mold to form, frameless shower doors offer fewer places for the health risk to grow. A framed shower can gather water in, around, and under the tracks and seals, allowing mold the opportunity to grow without you even noticing it until it’s too late. Frameless shower doors don't have those little areas for water to build up and they are much easier to clean because if it. A simple rubber squeegee removes the water from the glass for a perfectly clear view once again. Your shower door shop will provide professional installation and they can suggest solutions for keeping your new frameless shower doors clean.